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Dreams & Drawings #3

I want to be consumed by nature; I want to be held by our creator.

Beth Johnson | The Kamloops Quilter from Another Time

quilter kamloops, beth johnson, kamloops artist, kamloops quilter

As a local to Kamloops, with a deep knowledge and interest in her family history, Beth Johnson is a source of stories. Upon meeting her, it’s soon clear that Beth has lived a rich, interesting and sometimes maybe even bizarre life. As a frequenter…

Rachel Tonn | Earthy Inks & a Ecstatic Dance

The Curious World of Rachel Tonn Rachel Tonn is one of those one in one-hundred thousand people you meet and instantly connect with. Her ability to make you feel comfortable is borderline magical. Her journey as an artist is only just beginning but it’s…

Olivia Stirton | Poetic Resilience

The Curious World of Olivia Stirton Those lucky enough to spend time with Olivia Stirton will know almost immediately that Olivia leads with her heart. Olivia’s natural openness is a magnet for everyone who feels as much and as openly as she does. Her…

Mac Allison | Making A Creation

The Curious World of Mac Allison When I first met Mac, it was very clear we were going to be friends. Her passionate, artistic, adventurous and occasionally mischievous nature was a recipe for friendship success. It wasn’t a week into our friendship when Mac…

Laina McPhee | Artist With a Cause

laina mcphee, flowers, sunflowers, birds eye view, portrait

One of the first things I came to appreciate about Laina was her openness to discuss mental health. As artists, we’re often labeled as neurotic creatures who thrive off of inner turmoil in order to make art.