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Dreams & Drawings #3

I want to be consumed by nature; I want to be held by our creator.

Top 8 Movies that will help you survive the Pandemic

Be There For Yourself | COVID-19

I don’t know who else needs to hear this. But I know for a fact, that the next few words are for people like me; people who are not as calm as everyone else seems to be. I started drawing this illustration as a…

Dreams and drawings #2

strong is not the new beautiful
thin is not the new beautiful
thick is not the new beautiful

The Art of Forgiveness – An Ongoing Thought Blog

What is forgiveness? There are things that happen to us that we can’t talk about. Secrets we hold so close to us they become a crutch that we use to push people away. We have hurt that is caused by other people that is…

Beth Johnson | The Kamloops Quilter from Another Time

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As a local to Kamloops, with a deep knowledge and interest in her family history, Beth Johnson is a source of stories. Upon meeting her, it’s soon clear that Beth has lived a rich, interesting and sometimes maybe even bizarre life. As a frequenter…