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Art Blog #1 | Dreams and Drawings

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The Curious World of Lindsey Tyne Johnson I’ve decided to try and do a monthlyish post about art I’ve been making. These are mostly just ideas, brainstorms and sketches. Feedback is much appreciate– The end.

Rachel Tonn | Earthy Inks & a Ecstatic Dance

The Curious World of Rachel Tonn Rachel Tonn is one of those one in one-hundred thousand people you meet and instantly connect with. Her ability to make you feel comfortable is borderline magical. Her journey as an artist is only just beginning but it’s…

Stories You Cannot Tell | And How to Tell Them

We have have things in our lives that cloud us with the feeling of isolation. It could be the story of something you’ve seen, felt, heard or lived. When I was growing up my mother was the strongest person I knew (and still is)….

Mac Allison | Making A Creation

The Curious World of Mac Allison When I first met Mac, it was very clear we were going to be friends. Her passionate, artistic, adventurous and occasionally mischievous nature was a recipe for friendship success. It wasn’t a week into our friendship when Mac…

Laina McPhee | Artist With a Cause

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One of the first things I came to appreciate about Laina was her openness to discuss mental health. As artists, we’re often labeled as neurotic creatures who thrive off of inner turmoil in order to make art.