I asked the server for a plate of gold But what I got was microwaved tea I asked her how I got there She told me she didn’t know I sat and stared into a sea of eyes It seemed they all knew me I w the girl who asked for more But what I […]


January 29, 2021

Microwaved Tea

grayscale photo of tree on a snow covered field

Like with many people who’ve have been privileged enough to have received or experience it, clinical counselling has helped me achieve a better understanding of myself and the trauma I’ve experienced for the past few years. I’ve learned a lot of incredibly poignant and awakening lessons relating to almost every area of my life as […]


October 14, 2020

Where Trauma Hurts the Most

Photo of black-and white girl surrounded in plastic

I have to admit. I was half expecting to start writing my first autobiography during this time [the pandemic]. What has happened during this time has…


August 1, 2020

Artist overcomes obstacles : The Two Story Difference

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Where do you hold your grief?
Surely it isn’t in your happiest smiles.


June 19, 2020

Where Do You Hold Your Grief?

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This song is about being braver than you ever thought you had to be.


April 25, 2020

For Once in my Life

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