Emily de Jardin – Art in Her Blood

I feel like Emily de Jardin is one of those people I secretly want to be. She has a knack of radiating a calmness that is reassuring to be around. As a fellow introverted artist I can relate to Emily’s easy going temperament and find it refreshing.

I found a lot of value in discovering Emily’s art focused Instagram account. I know Emily through working at a book store together when I first moved to Kamloops. She also became a familiar face to me as she also worked at the Kamloops Art Gallery.

I have little doubt that this incredible local artist will achieve great things in her life. And I hope you follow her journey along the way.

  1. When/Where/Why did you start making art?

I started making art in second grade, and have always loved the creative and artistic side of life. I took art classes throughout school and found new ways to express myself. When I was 18 I started working at the Kamloops Art Gallery which started my interest in exhibition style artwork.

2. How long have you lived in Kamloops?

Born and raised!! 22 years.

3. What did you attend post-secondary for and did it help you on your artistic journey?

I’m currently in university to get my English major, but Im making sure to take fine arts classes as well, so I am learning new skills which will definitely further my journey as an artist.

4. What are your artistic goals for the next 5 years?

I hope to sell my resin artwork, expand the mediums that I work with, and curate my own exhibition.

5. What are your favourite mediums and what medium do you want to try?

I’m still getting the hang of working with resin, and I love working with sharpie, pencil, and charcoal for paper-based works. I would love to try out printmaking, and learn more about analog photography.

6. Besides making art, what are your passions?

I am passionate about writing and reading (mainly poetry) and spending time with good company.

7. What is the best and most difficult part of the Kamloops art scene?

I love how accessible art is becoming in Kamloops; from exhibition spaces to art classes. For me personally, the most difficult part is connecting with other artists because I’m extremely introverted.

8. What do you want people to know about you or your art?

I am in a pretty dark place mentally right now and I have been for a long time, so most of my art will stem from that and I’m still finding new ways to express it.

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