A Magical Way to Wash Your Floor

Witchcraft, Wicca, and other Pagan-related spiritualities get a bad rap for being spooky, demonic, and frightening.

But, with it’s sudden resurgence into popular culture, why aren’t people running for their lives? Surely witchcraft is just as dark, gory and spooky as the modern remakes of classics like Sabrina.

The truth is, for a lot of witches, spirituality can be as simple as washing your floor.

Which is why I’m here writing this blog. To express the fact that spirituality is sometimes just wanting your floors to smell like a garden full of lavender. Because that’s nice.

What is a floor wash?

A floor wash can really be anything you’d like it to be:

  • A way to cleanse your home
  • A way to repel bad energy
  • A self/home care routine
  • A ritual to draw positive energy

How do I make a floor wash?

  1. Choose your botanicals.

Some basic botanicals and their meanings:

Anise Star – Protection
Bay leaves – Protection, healing, purification
Lavender – Peace, tranquility
Rosemary – Protection, healing, exorcism
Pine Needles – Protection
Cedar – Healing, protection
Clove – Protection, dispels unhappy energy
Juniper – Protection, healing
Basil – Prosperity

floor washes, girl, botanicals, witchcraft, wicca

2. Choose your water/oils

So, as a small town girl I don’t necessarily have immediate access to holy water (a commonly used ingredient in floor washes). But essential oils are a little easier to come by.

Usually, since I don’t have access to any fancy water, I’ll leave tap water in a pitcher out on my counter to evaporate any chlorine.

Here are my favourite oils:

  1. Cedarwood
  2. Rosemary
  3. Ylang Ylang
  4. Lemon
  5. Tea Tree
  6. Patchouli

3. Combine + use your ingredients.

After boiling your chosen water, add a few drops of your favourite oil, a sprinkle of your chose botanical– and voila! Let the wash sit for about an hour and then pour your mixture into a container to store in a dry and cool place.

After seven days, you can apply the wash to a clean floor. You can even add some of the mixture to you favourite, everyday cleaning products to give your home a little spiritual cleanse every time you clean!

Lindsey Tyne Johnson Floor Washes

My Favourite Floor Wash Recipe

  1. In a bowl of purified boiling water, add 1 and 1/2 cups of lavender Epson salts – salt is a commonly used ingredient when cleansing. People sometimes will scrub their doorway with salt in order to ward off any unwanted energy.
  2. 5 drops of Lavender essential oil
  3. A large pinch of dried french lavender
  4. A large pinch of juniper berries
  5. A handful of spruce tips.

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