Mac Allison | Making A Creation

The Curious World of Mac Allison

When I first met Mac, it was very clear we were going to be friends. Her passionate, artistic, adventurous and occasionally mischievous nature was a recipe for friendship success. It wasn’t a week into our friendship when Mac was first mistaken for my wife. We bonded over art, music and spending time crafting at the Kamloops Makerspace.

Being twenty-somethings in the modern world can be a challenge. We’re constantly side-hustling, working day jobs and trying to navigate the world. Mac hasn’t been immune to this, but she has always done it with a friendly smile on her face. Her caring and empathetic nature is truly inspiring.

One of my favourite memories of Mac is her singing a cover of a Dog Tooth and Nail song about the borders that divide our countries. Never having sang in public before, Mac barely hesitated to sing what she was passionate about. Her art is a reflection as to what she cares for and I look forward to celebrating her successes in the years to come.

Mac Allison

When/Where/Why did you start making art?

When I started to make art, I was so young I can hardly remember. It was from a very young age I had a big curiosity with art because of a single mystery painting. It hung on the wall in my Grandparents bedroom. When I came to visit there was always a white sheet hanging over the picture frame hiding the painting. My grandmother did this you see, because the painting was too erotic for young eyes. They had many paintings in this home collected from their travels, many original on canvas. The day I pulled the sheet off the wall and unveiled this “mystery” painting I fell in love with art and wanted to make art. This painting I own in my collection now and it reminds me about my fascination to art. The painting my Grandparents purchased this painting in Mexico it depicts a topless woman with very strong features, oil on black velvet canvas makes for an extra sensual touch. My own artwork usually depicts a peaceful forest or wooded surliest scene. Inspired by an old 1970 oil on wooden canva,  hung in my house growing up, this was of a classic cabin in the woods painting. It was the realism in this painting that gave me the fantasy of walking into the painting. It gave me peaceful feelings as I’d look into it like a window. I also own this painting now in my collection to continue to inspire my artwork today.

How long have you lived in Kamloops?

I was born in Surrey British Columbia, and relocated at the age of 6. I’ve since lived in Kamloops for about 15 years.

 What did you attend post-secondary for and did it help you on your artistic journey?

 My post secondary studies are just beginning. I’m currently beginning my first year with the Centre of Art and Technology in Kelowna BC. Here I will study Website Development and Graphic Designing. I hope to use online technology as a new medium for my creative mind to play with, to help boost my artwork and create a profitable career.

What are your artistic goals for the next 5 years?

My artist goals for the next five years, has much to do with my graphic design work. I hope to build my first company which offers services online to help curate other businesses. I’d also like to have my own studio space to work on my other art practices including my jewelry making, I want to sell online. Another goal I have is to create an installation complete enough for a gallery space to display any creations I have completed over numerous years of my art development.

What are your favourite mediums and what medium do you want to try?

My favourite medium is acrylic paint on canvas, I found this to be the most natural for my abilities. Things I’m less practiced at include pottery, textile, performance art such as dance, and music. I’d like to work on a musical expression for my future medium the most. 

 Besides making art, what are your passions?

Besides art my passions mainly include searching and studying spiritual practices. I have a great curiosity for the teaching others offer in regards to the human condition and the many different ways others reach out the the higher divine. I’m not born religious so I’ve made a conscious effort to seek teachings and practices that assist my own well being. I explore nature, and speak with animals, and look to other artists for inspiration. I’ve always been interested in any teachings regarding herbalism or gardening, active health and nutrition. These passions are life long explorations, I look forward to working on. 

 What is the best and most difficult part of the Kamloops art scene?

I’ve found the most difficult aspects of the Kamloops art scene is the lack of community support for funded spaces to help create up and coming artists. Growing up I was a part of the “young artist’s ” hosted by SD73. This was a collective of youth artwork. Submissions collected by the school district were judged by the community art teachers. Over my school years I entered I was selected a number of times. One year we were invited to TRU where we for a day participated in art courses hosted by the art teachers at TRU. I found this to be a very good idea to introduce to young students the possible courses to look into for post secondary education. I hope they still run this today because I feel as an artist this is the kind of support needed to help generate and encourage talented Artists. I feel aside from school assisted programs Kamloops does not have much to offer for the fellow freelance artist. There are a select amount of artist’s who host painting classes or spaces for art making, and I’ve tried out a few. I feel like the people running these spaces work very hard to financially support the rent and many have failed in maintaining the space. My own art teacher I once attended after school, lost her space I believe because it wasn’t supported enough to continue. I think Kamloops has elevated a few artists, but does not put in enough to help create more artists. 

What do you want people to know about you or your art?

My artwork is very connected to my emotions. I paint or draw and create in times of my life when I’m distressed, upset, and undirected. I don’t usually create for the purpose of making something “pretty” or “beautiful” but to calm myself in my own mind, to create that window of peace to gaze into and to meditate on those better feelings of serenity and happiness. My art is commissionable however my style is unpredictable, so you might not get what you expect. I call my style intuitive art because it’s the feelings I grasp onto in my process that creates the outcome. I’ve always felt that creating was my most natural ability, my art is a part of me. I am Mac, making a creation. 

You can follow Mac’s journey on instagram @macmakingacreation

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