How to Use a Spirit Board Alone (and Safely!)

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5 Steps to Using a Spirit Board Safely

Spirit Boards can be used for many different purposes. So if you think they’re merely a toy or a piece of cardboard used to summon demons, think again. They are a multipurpose spiritual tool. If used correctly, the spirit board can teach you wonderful lessons and tell incredible stories.

I’ll be laying down details as to how you can make the most positive experience possible as well as it’s different uses.

The Difference Between a “Ouija Board” and a “Spirit Board”

As stated above, Ouija Boards are a trademarked product. In short, I do not have the rights to call my product Ouija Boards. Because they’re not! The spirit boards I make are made from %100 recycled materials. Producing less waste. Producing good karma. And allowing something that would have been thrown out tell a beautiful story.

The Different Uses of a Spirit Board

Self Discovery – If you’re going through a hard time, in need a bit of clarity or if you’re on a self-care kick– the spirit board can help. Follow the steps below and make self discovery you’re intention.

Making Peace/Healing – Sometimes we have someone in our heart, living or not that you may want to make amends with. Using a spirit board gives you the perfect opportunity. Set your intention to make amends or make peace with someone from you past and follow the safety steps below.

Curiosity – What can a spirit board teach you? You and thousands of others have wondered the same thing. As long as your intentions are clear of malicious or hurtful intentions, let your curiosity guide you.

Divination – Did you know spirit boards can help you make decisions about your past, present and future? Make this your intention the next time you use one.

Step 1: Do NOT Appropriate.

It’s common practice to burn sage over your board before use. But you shouldn’t be burning plants or materials such as White Sage if it is not apart of your culture’s original rituals.


White Sage (Salvia apiana) recently became endangered because of it’s recent burst in popularity. It’s original use as a sacred plant of Native Americans, Indigenous folk and the First Nations people of Canada is at risk because of it being over harvested, mass marketed and misused. Read More.

Seriously, pals. It’s bad news. Just use the sage that grows naturally in your area. Show it respect and don’t over harvest it.

PS Also maybe don’t call it “smudging” if you’re not practicing an actual, legit, smudging ceremony. Or if it’s not apart of your cultural practice. If you’re unsure as to why this is important, ask someone from your local native community if they would be willing to educate you on their traditions and why it’s sacred to them.

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Step 2: Make Space

Before I use a spirit board (especially when I’m alone) I ensure to clean my house. It sounds crazy but it’s important that you’re comfortable — and that you’re not busy worrying about your laundry, studying or any other menial chores you may have to do.

I’m also in the habit of lighting candles. This can symbolize the beginning of your session and the opening of your board.

I also surround myself with positive objects. If you have a favourite plant or rock, it’s nice to keep them close by. I like to keep a basket of medicinal plants by me.

I also lay sprigs of lavender around my board to encourage healing and softness.

Step 3: Set an Intention (A Positive One!)

Lastly and most importantly:

  1. Good Vibes Only – Only use a spirit board in a positive and healthy environment.
  2. Do Not Use a Spirit Board to Meddle – If you’re merely looking for a good time– or your want to meddle with things you don’t understand stay away. The outcome is never good.
  3. Set Positive Intentions – Whether you’re looking to make peace, discover more about yourself or you’re curious as to what it can teach you– do it respectfully.

Step 4: Open Your Board

Before you start, take a breathe and allow yourself a brief meditation session. Clear your mind, calm your body and set a gentle pace. This is where you’d say a quiet prayer, mantra or something to make you comfortable.

Whatever energy you’re about to put out into the world– is going to be the energy you attract. Make sure to make it good.

Let it be known (out loud) what your intentions for this session are. If you’re looking to make peace, you can say something like:

Let it be known that I’m here to make peace. I don’t want any harm to come to myself or others. So mote it be. (Or of the like)

Step 5: Close Your Board

Warning: The failure to close your board properly can cause some unwanted side effects.

When your session is complete be sure to say goodbye, you can do this by saying it out loud or pointing your planchette to “goodbye” on your board.

Blowing out your candles can also symbolize the completion of your session. By doing this your allowing the energy from your session to settle– so that nothing unwanted lingers where it’s not welcome. You’re no longer inviting unknown wanderings into your home.

If You’re Still Unsure

If you’re still unsure if you want to use a spirit board or how to use one properly. Ask you local witch shop such as Ritual Cravt, Catland Books or Juju Pittsburgh or someone you trust (all of these stores sell boards by Under the Apocalypse, also). There isn’t necessarily one way to use a spirit board. Everyone has different experiences and practices. You may know someone who has a set-routine that works for them– and that’s fine. But ensure you do everything with respect and caution.

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